This trip will give you an insight into Rwanda history, the culture and the Rwandan people. You will have some spare time to relax and enjoy the wonderful Lake Kivu.

INTORE, KIVU AND GORILLAS SAFARI: BTSRW011: This trip is a discovery of Rwanda history and culture, the people of Lake Kivu and the Virunga volcanoes which host the critically endangered mountain gorillas! The Sussa group leaves at the Karisimbi volcano and is more challenging with much longer hiking times. Only the Park Authorities will assign you a gorilla group.

NYUNGWE FOREST NP SAFARI: BTSRW012: Discover the wonders of Nyungwe Forest. The trip will bring you to the only remaining high altitude rainforest of East-Africa. Nyungwe Forest NP is a paradise for hikers. On your way to Nyungwe, you will take some time to enjoy a performance of the famous Intore dancers and visit the finest ethnographic museum of East-Africa!

CLASSIC RWANDA AND AKAGERA SAFARI: BTSRW014: This trip will not only bring you to the two most important national parks of Rwanda but will also explore the unique scenery’s of Lake Kivu and highlight some unique cultural aspects of Rwanda life.

GORILLAS IN THE MIST- 2 TREKS: BTSRW015: Trek twice the gorillas! There are 5 groups habituated for tourism in the Volcanoes National Park and if you are a gorilla lover why not have two consecutive days of gorilla trekking? The experience will allow you to have an overnight at Kinigi and to explore this unique environment.

RWANDA - DIAN FOSSEY MEMORIAL-1TREK:BTSRW016: Discover the Gorillas and the Dian Fossey Grave! Trek the gorillas and hike to Dian Fossy’s grave! It is at the Karisoke Research Centre on the slopes of the Bisoke Volcano where she carried out her studies on the mountain gorillas for 18 years. She was murdered on the 27th of December 1985 at the Karisoke Research Centre and buried near Digit, her favorite gorilla. The excursion will provide excellent background information and this is a wonderful site to see!


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